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Tag: valerian



Net weight: 200g

“Chioggia & Songino” fresh salad

Fresh salad ready to eat: Chioggia and Songino: Red radicchio and valerian.

Net weight: 150g


fresh Valerian.

Net weight: 70g |

Sfiziosa fresh salad

Insalata pronta Sfiziosa: Iceberg, valerian, carrot, olives, red and yellow tomatoes datterino.

Net weight: 200g |

“Allegra” fresh salad

Fresh salad ready to eat: Chicory Pan di zucchero, curly salad, carrot, valerian, walnuts, corn, tomatoes “datterino”.

Kit condiments: Oil, salt, white winegar, fork and napkin.

Net weight: 200g |